Quality of driver

All our drivers has gone through rigorous tests to ensure the quality of the drivers inside our led luminaries. we guarantees a 50.000 hour life of our drivers thanks to our in house technology and by conducting reliability tests.Read More »

Heat management for LED lightning

Our technique for heat dissipation is based on the thermal control technology of the lightning fixture for enhancing natural convection considering  both optical design and thermal dissipation design. Bra ledlister utomhusRead More »

Design that makes a diffrence

Today consumers demand products that include aesthetic appeal along with excellent functionality. We always try to match those demands with high level of design and functionality.Read More »

Product leaflets

Different customers have different needs. we have a broad ranges of products to match our customers demands. We at GigaTera have gathered some leaflets to inspire you to take your business to a less energy consuming world.Read More »